The deportations of Cambodian Americans began in June 2002. Some experts believe there could be over 1,400 Cambodian Americans deported.





KORSANG staff came to America as small children after fleeing the Khmer Rouge. They were political refugees with “permanent status” as Americans.






Their families came to America seeking the American dream. Many of them ended up on state aid in America’s ghettos.






KORSANG staffs were first survivors of American war, then products of American society and now byproducts of America’s post 9-11 policy.






In the beginning every few month’s groups of 10-15 Cambodian Americans are handcuffed, shackled and flown to the other side of the world, leaving behind their parents, partners and children. Currently there are 2 getting deported back to Cambodia every week.




So what do you do when you’ve been
  unjustly deported from your home?





KORSANG staffs have been trained and are inspiring Harm Reduction Educators, HIV Prevention and Outreach Workers.


In depth Harm Reduction Training
Vein Care Training
HIV 101 Training
Basic First Aid
Advanced First Aid
Case Management
Hep C Training

Family Planning
Overdose & Naloxone Training